iPhone Appstand with color inserts

by Ally

If you haven’t quite been happy with the iPhone stands that are out, Think Geek has a new one that offers a whole lot more versatility.  Instead of having a plain black frame and nothing more, this one has interchangeable inserts that you can swap out as the mood strikes you.

The colors go from gray onto blue, pink and even bright green, as well as a few others mixed in there.  The frame has a black satin finish to give it a nice shine.  Being just a simple frame you can easily tilt it one way or the other to get the right viewing point.  There’s also a clip on the back to hang onto the excess cord when needed.  You can purchase it from Think Geek with all of the inserts included for $24.99.

Source: HolyCool

One review or comment

Zero Says: May 28, 2010 at 8:36 am

Wow what a great idea!(being sarcastic)

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