ChinaVasion’s Magnetic Suspension Device Display

Just to let you know, this isn’t a soda vending machine at Hogwarts. I’m not certain what flavor Harry and his friends would drink, perhaps butterbeer or pumpkin juice.

This is an ordinary device from Chinavasion that enables an ordinary can of soda to float in the air. There is no magic involved, just a special lid or ring to attach to the top of the can. All you need to do is plug in the device, and the magnet does all the work.

Oooo, it certainly looks impressive. Believe it or not, it will work with bottles too. Actually, I don’t believe it, because if that is an ordinary 12 ounce can, it barely fits in the ring. Do you expect to get a 16 ounce long-neck in there? I think that you would need some sort of oval-shaped device for that.

I wonder if that magnet lid would work on other things, like a picture? Perhaps you could turn this thing into a picture frame. As a soda holder, I would imagine that you had better drink the beverage within quickly, or it will get really warm.

Anyway, this is available at the Chinavasion site for about $55. You will have to ask yourself if it is worth it for this special effect that looks like it would get real old, real fast.