LocateTV online programming guide

You know that watching TV is a big deal with Americans, as evident by Google entering the TV market with Google TV, and here’s the LocateTV online programming guide that might just make your TV surfin’ life a whole lot easier. This unique online programming guide offers schedules for traditional TV, online television content, and even TV shows that are on DVD – now how about that! Too bad it doesn’t do Blu-ray shows just yet, but we guess it is a matter of time as the adoption rate for the format picks up. Basically, LocateTV can be considered to be a one-stop-shop to watch what you want, where you want, and it will have to do at least until Google TV arrives on the scene (which isn’t too far off by the way). Apart from searching by show or movie title, you can also widen it to sporting event, genre and celebrity. Which do you think will trump in the end, or will they each have their own niche market?