LEDs on bike spokes

I’m not certain what the technology is that uses fast moving LEDs to create messages, but I have seen it a lot on novelty gadgets. I remember walking into a gadget shop and seeing this thing that could wave a flag-like thing, and I could see words being displayed.

I suppose it was an obvious move to apply this moving LED technology to bicycle wheels. If the bike wheel is stationary, all you will see is a bunch of glowing LEDs that blink with no real pattern. However, once this bike goes spinning, you will see all kinds of pictures and animations.

You can click on my Source to see the video of the LED lights on bike wheels for yourself. The animation is about the same as those of neon lights, but it is good enough to get an advertising message across. I wonder if this is the purpose of this device.

This technology was developed by Japan’s Suns and Moon Laboratory, and it was shown off at the Tokyo Make Meeting last weekend. You can see the words “Make: Tokyo” on the wheel itself, no doubt made just for this occasion.

This LED system runs on batteries, and not the kinetic motion generated by the rider itself. It also costs about $165, and I have no information as to how to program your bike LEDs to send the right message.


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