Color Changing Sprinkler

Sprinklers are always great fun, sure they have their practical uses, but that’s not where their usefulness ends.  On a treacherously hot day you can always go out with the kids and play in the sprinkler, should you not be blessed with a nearby pool.  Of course these sprinklers add a little more fun to the mix, these have bright lights that will change colors throughout the night.

They say this will even look great during the daytime.  To use it you just hook it up to your average garden hose and the hydraulic power turns on the light.  Then it’ll just filter through purple, blue, yellow, green, pink and orange.  You can purchase one of these for $24.98 through The Lighter Side.

Source: CraziestGadgets

2 thoughts on “Color Changing Sprinkler”

  1. I ordered this and its rather a cool little toy. The neighbors were all out watching it last night. They want one too.

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