Samsung Rugby II heading for AT&T

AT&T and Samsung have teamed up this time round, allowing the top cellphone provider in the U.S. to release the Samsung Rugby II. What makes the Samsung Rugby II so special, you ask? Well, it is a next generation Push to Talk device that certainly lives up to its namesake of a rough and tumble sports, boasting a durable, military-grade design which is touted to withstand up to the harshest of elements. This will be an AT&T exclusive offer, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else with other mobile carriers. Just because it is tough, that doesn’t mean the Samsung Rugby II will lose out in terms of specifications and features, not when it will play nice with AT&T’s High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 Mbps technology that offers a much faster speed compared to traditional 3G connections.

The Rugby II will come in only one color, which is unfortunate if you are hoping to get a bevy of shades. You will have to settle for a grey, rugged clamshell design, where it will feature improved noise suppression and an external speaker making it easier to communicate regardless of the environment. Not only that, the Rugby II has also been certified to military standard MIL-STD-810G to withstand dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, solar radiation, altitude and temperature extremes, making it more than the ideal handset for use even in the toughest of environments – one that the pansy iPhone would have cried, “Mommy!” a long time ago. Thanks to the inclusion of advanced aGPS capabilities, users can stay on the right track using AT&T Navigator that will guide you to your destination using voice cues as well as visual turn-by-turn GPS driving directions, complete with automatic reroute, full-color maps, and real-time traffic alerts, as well as AT&T Family Map that will certainly give parents some sense of peace since it can track a child’s location from a PC or cellphone, and is able to request location updates at any time.

The Samsung Rugby II will retail for a relatively affordable $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate, where you will need to tie your soul down to AT&T for a couple of years. Perhaps when you’re done with it, you can always look out for the iPhone 5G?

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  1. Thats a bummer about it only coming in gray. I have a regular Rugby in yellow right now, and I like that the bright color makes it easy to find, and cheerful. But I love my Rugby and can’t see myself getting any other model of phone. So I will still love it when I get it, even if it is of a bleak color.

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