TickleMe Plant is educational (and purportedly fun)

Memorizing textbooks aren’t fun at all, but for those who want to make learning sessions all the more fun, the TickleMe Plant could very well come in handy. After all, this makes for a unique gift as it can grow outdoors as well as indoors when the mercury drops. Each order will come with 10 fun experiments and educational activities which can be performed with the TickleMe Plant, which we guess is the polar opposite of the Touch Me Not, or better known as the mimosa. We’re guessing that each touch, or rather, tickle of this plant will send it shivering down its green spine, making it feel and look a whole lot more alive than your regular anti-social cactus.

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2 thoughts on “TickleMe Plant is educational (and purportedly fun)”

  1. I just picked up one of these plants at a local greenhouse a couple of weeks ago, and they’re actually pretty cool. Plus, the fact that the Mimosa is more… “animated” makes it so I don’t forget to water the plant. Because the plant moves and reacts to touch, you end up anthropomorphising it, and feel guilty if you forget to take care of it, haha.

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