Multi-colored gloves for gesture-based computing

by Mark R

Remember those gloves that Tom Cruise wore to use that gesture-based computer in Minority Report? Yeah, tight fitting black gloves with a cool light on them. Now imagine if Tom wore a pair of these.

Yes, these lycra gloves have 20 irregularly shaped patches in 10 different colors. The pattern is made to be used in companion with a webcam, and you can use many gestures to translate into certain commands.

I have a video on my Source that shows it being used. You can see a user picking up blocks in a 3D virtual world, and disassembling a disc brake.

It sort of reminds me of how Robert Downey Jr. was able to virtually disassemble his prototype armor blueprints in the original (and, from what I’m told, better) Iron Man. Of course, he wasn’t wearing any gloves, not even those cool red ones that shoot repulsor blasts. Again, imagine this Hollywood A-lister wearing these pastel patchwork gloves. Sort of ruins the drama, doesn’t it?

I believe that the plan is to use this in video games for picking up and moving objects, but isn’t Mircosoft already working on this with Project Natal?

Well, I would imagine that this would be quite an awesome, if this concept should ever become reality. Once again, we have to imagine every person wearing these funny gloves.


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