Mecha Fish and Little Dog, films about real robots!

by Mark R

I thought you might enjoy two different advancements in robotics for today.

The first is the Little Dog. It really looks more like a beetle, but this DARPA project really shows advancements in robot walkers.

Have you ever seen a dog try and navigate obstacles like big rocks on a beach? Well, it kind of looks like the first video here. The only difference is that a dog trips every once in a while.

Just when you thought Robo-pet day was over, here comes the Mecha-Fish. It looks like someone has coated a koi with metal and then released it into a kiddie pool. The Mecha Fish has something in common with real fish. If a person disturbs the water near it, the fish will dart away.

The Mecha Fish was on display in Warsaw for an event called “Night of the Robots”. As for the Little Dog, I’m not certain if DARPA wants it on display.

Okay, so that’s two robots that could easily replace our pets. I can’t help but wonder what other pets are going to be robotic. As far as I know, no one has ever made a robotic cat. Does anyone want to make one?

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