Bang & Olufsen unveils BeoVision 8 40-inch LCD in the US


Mention Bang & Olufsen and you will have images of some pretty high end consumer electronics going through your mind, as you let out a sigh knowing that the meagre salary you bring home every month isn’t able to bring home one of these puppies even if your life depended on it. Well, nothing has changed with the introduction of the BeoVision 8 40-inch LCD TV that is unveiled in North America courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. This new 40-inch model of the acclaimed BeoVision 8 TV will bring together a technologically advanced home cinema viewing experience thanks to its straightforward elegance and ease of use characteristic of this compact screen concept. Expect to read more on its finer specifications and features right after the jump.

This is the 5th video consumer electronics device from B&O in under a year, and is touted to boost the company’s video portfolio by some distance, offering an extremely flexible solution for both wall and floor placement. Among the new technologies that will be crammed into the BeoVision 8’s body include double frame rate technology, also known as 240Hz (a staple in most HDTVs these days anyways), complete with motion compensation for an overall smoother image. As a result of such technology, the picture refresh rate has also doubled compared to conventional LCD TVs, while significantly reduce the inherent blur of LCD technology. Apart from that, the BeoVision 8 40-inch also comes with contrast improvement technology otherwise known as Dynamic Contrast, where it will optimize the contrast according to the picture content in each scene to give you the best image possible. Not only that, both BeoLink home integration functionality and extra video connections are also accessible thanks to a convenient plug-and-play module.

The BeoVision 8 also sets new standards for compact TVs when it comes to audio standards, since it will come equipped with a down-facing bass speaker that provides a firm foundation for movies and music programs, while the front units have been specially tuned specifically for the reproduction of human speech. Overall, the sound quality is extremely natural and clearly audible, letting you hear as though the voices were heading straight out from the screen itself. Of course, all of those technology would help if your room was acoustically optimized as well. Expect to fork out $5,400 for the BeoVision 8-40 as it hits retail markets this summer, accompanied by a three-year international warranty.

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