Kodak Playsport helps you film your life


There is nothing quite like making sure all the important moments in life are documented, which is where a reliable camcorder comes in (unless you have an impeccable memory, of course). The Kodak Playsport camcorder might be a wee bit expensive at £129.99 for most folks, but this is no ordinary camcorder, not when it can fit into your pocket easily while offering full HD video capability. Not only that, you can bring this out on your outdoor trips since it is waterproof up to 3″, now how about that! Not only does it record video, it can also shoot 16:9 widescreen stills at 5-megapixels, where you can also get up close and personal with your subject through a 4x digital zoom. Once you’re done with your video recording, just plug it in using its USB connector and you’re good to go. All movies can be previewed through its 2″ LCD display, and it even does slow motion playback to boot. Apart from that, you can have hours of recording thanks to its SDHC memory card slot.

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Warren Jones Says: May 22, 2010 at 6:01 pm

My only question about the Kodak Playsport is the PAUSE control. Does it have one? I wouldn’t buy a camcorder without one. I did buy a Flip camcorder, and was happy with it until I learned something about camcorders. Now that I have, I realize that the Flip is only a toy. I would never buy another one.

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