Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series

Microsoft might be a software giant, but when it comes to hardware, they aren’t exactly the brightest kid on the block. After all, one of their most notable releases in the past was the ergonomic keyboard which was split down the middle and raised up in certain places, claiming it to be a whole lot easier on your hands. Well, while it was mighty comfortable to type on (I admit!), it wasn’t exactly conducive for gaming purposes, what with all the keyboard shortcuts used in various game genres, ranging from RTS titles to First Person Shooters. Well, they too have come up with mice as well, but those were nothing to write home about. Recently, Microsoft has updated their Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series with bold new colors to make sure your mobile gear will stay true to the times with its wide range of colors as well as design.

Their team wanted to take these mice a step beyond color, and aims to usher in the summer with a slew of designs thanks to a collaborative effort from team members. Each graphic began has its humble beginning as a series of sketches, where they eventually filled the entire hallway outside our design studio. After a whole lot of debates (and we presume, lobbying), selected favorites were then evolved into digital drawings and infused into the surface of each mouse. Of course, the team managed to come up with such designs after being inspired by the incredible patterns found in nature, including rock formations and stones, alongside the bold and modern graphic style which you see everywhere especially in the skate and snowboard industry. Those inspirations merged to create minimal designs alive with vivid colors. You can choose from a trio of graphics – Wave, Folk and Geode. Wave is a vibrant organic pattern, Folk was inspired by Scandinavian and tribal art, and Geode references rock facets and formations.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series will retail for $29.95 a pop from Best Buy Stores as an exclusive, and if such fancy designs are not your cup of tea, they will be available in a solid color, which are purple, red and blue, alongside the original grey and pink colors.

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