LG and Versace team up, union results in Versace Unique luxury phone


Now most folks would not have thought that LG and Versace would ever team up, but the day has arrived. What do you expect from this union – a branded LED HDTV, an expensive washing machine or a luxurious cellphone? If you picked the handset as the answer, then you’re right on the money with both companies working in tandem with ModeLabs Group to roll out the Versace Unique, the first luxury touchscreen and full-featured multimedia smartphone which can be purchased via the most important and exclusive watch and fine jewellery networks and Versace flagship boutiques throughout the world from early next month onwards. That doesn’t give you too much time to save up for one if you’re a wage earner, eh?

Versace Unique has the objective of uniting all essential functions for professional and personal use, where it will be hand-crafted from the finest materials, hand-assembled in France and built to the uncompromising standards that have long been associated with all Versace products (that’s just a marketing claim, I’m sure someone somewhere has something bad to say about Versace’s quality). The Versace Unique’s face is constructed from pure high-tech ceramic or handmade lacquers that have been delicately framed with an 18K yellow gold finish or 316L grade stainless steel inlay. For its back, it has been wrapped in the finest handcrafted leather, embossed with the now signature Medusa head. Concerning the Versace Unique’s sapphire crystal screen, it is touted to be the largest single piece of such high-tech material ever produced for consumers, where it claims to be impossible to scratch and is smooth as well as receptive, making it the ideal conductive surface which offers precision control of the touchphone interface.

Hardware wise, you get 3G network connectivity, client e-mail support, a built-in media player, a full-powered 5-megapixel flash camera and Dolby Mobile surround sound technology which ought to usher in a high level of quality in ringtones, MP3 music files and video playback. No idea on the price just yet, but the adage stands firm here – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

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