HP creating a flexible display Dick Tracy Watch

I always include a photo of whatever it is that I am writing about, and I have to admit that this photo from my source doesn’t seem to match its subject matter.

Apparently, HP is working on a solar powered watch that uses flexible display technology. I’m guessing what we are seeing in the picture is the material for the screen of this watch.

That, or maybe the watch will be completely made of this material. However, when it has a name like the Dick Tracy watch, one would think that it would just be the screen, like on the famous comic-strip character.

I would imagine that this particular watch would probably do a lot more than just the two-way communication that Dick Tracy used. Something also tells me that it would be bigger than the wrist, if this picture is any indicator.

This technology is planned to be used with the military, and I’m sure it will probably be used out in the field somehow, but probably as communication and data-gathering.

This is still concept technology for now, but I think that we all know that flexible displays are where its at as far as the future is concerned. Something tells me we’ll be seeing this sooner instead of later.


1 thought on “HP creating a flexible display Dick Tracy Watch”

  1. just a flexible display run by embedded devices would make this a monster hit.
    Imagine having different wristbands for different purposes – one biomonitor, another for comms, yet another for data entry.
    This could be huge.

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