Cordless Patio Lantern

by Ally

Not all lanterns need to make you look like the great outdoorsmen.  Every so often you want something a little more decorative, but that still allows for you to take it outside or use it as emergency back-up lighting.  Thankfully this has the best of both worlds.  It has a decorative look, but it’s meant to withstand being set outside on your patio all night long.

This has 3 different levels of brightness.  In order to make it brighter or turn it on/off you just tap the very top of the lantern.  Which could mean you have to tap the handle.  If that’s the case it could make carrying this around a whole lot more obnoxious.  If you just want it to leave in one spot though, it wouldn’t be a big deal.  In order to get it power you just plug it into the wall by using the AC charging base.  It’ll be fully charged and ready to go after 6 hours of sitting on the base.  Thanks to the polycarbonate case it can handle wind, rain and even dirt.  You can pick it up for $99.95 through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: TheGreenHead

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