The Measuring Light

by Ally

Thanks to the rush of eco-friendly products, there have been several very quirky lamps made out of old materials.  Some you wouldn’t be caught dead hanging in your home, but you can’t help but admire the designer’s level of creativity.  If you have a thing for craft rooms or measuring tape, then you’ll love this overhead light.  The shade itself is made out of a whole lot of measuring tape.

These come in a couple different versions, there’s the one that shows off the centimeters and then there’s the inches one.  The tape is hand coiled around a bobbin that also doubles as the lamp’s ventilation system and the structural element.  This was recently featured at the Model Citizens Design Exhibition.  In order to pick up one of the Brooklyn, NY made lights you’ll have to contact them to find out the pricing.

Source: Inhabitat

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hukiworld Says: May 21, 2010 at 5:32 am

Fu**en stupid! Nothing about it is eco-friendly either… Since when is wasting material like this eco-friendly? All that measuring tape that could’ve been used to donate to kids in school rather than waste it making a lame looking lamp where this measuring tape has no use. Yeah, real smart!

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