Penthouse Cell Phone Watch

According to the Chinavasion website, the Penthouse is the world’s smallest super cell phone.

Okay. Clearly, super cell phones must be bigger than I thought. I’m assuming that the iPhone isn’t a super cell phone.

But enough about that. So what is on this? How about a 1.5 inch touchscreen, full native quad band functionality, Dual SIM card slots, and it is fully unlocked for use of any network of choice.

Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, and it includes a free Bluetooth earset for handsfree communication. It also comes with a “complete multimedia center” that includes a camera, image viewer, video recorder, video player, audio player, sound recorder, and FM radio. Other features include “PDA tools” like a calculator, calendar, and alarm.

All in all, this looks like one of those devices that can do just about anything! All that, and it fits on your wrist. Of course, I’m not ChinaVision, but I really wouldn’t have called this the Penthouse watch. I mean, that’s like the second most-read pornographic magazine. That would be like calling a mobile phone a Playboy phone and not putting the bunny on it. But hey, what is in a name? Perhaps Penthouse simply is a description of the vastness of its top-floor features.

Well, regardless of what it is called, you can get it here for about $113 on the Chinavision site.


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  1. The price of $113 is just for the watch. You have to add an extra $18.45 for the shipping cost.It is a cool product but it’s look weird on

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