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The Cell Phone Signal Booster from Wilson Electronics has arrived at Amazon at last – after all, we can surely identify with moments when we were desperately trying to find a decent signal in order to receive an important phone call, but fail to do so? Hopefully this device from Wilson Electronics will be able to help you out, where it is touted to extend the calling range and signal strength of any phone as long as they are on any North American cell service provider’s network (save for Nextel/iDEN). Basically, this translates to fewer disconnects, dropped calls, and no-service “dead zones,” not to mention speedier data transfer rates on 3G networks for you to enjoy faster Internet access. The price is touted to be half the cost of comparable signal boosters, but is said to offer up to 10 times more power than competitive products. It is meant to be used in a vehicle primarily, retailing for $129.95. You can also use it in tandem with a Bluetooth headset and other hands-free device. Anyone given this a go yet, and how did you find it?

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West Says: May 23, 2010 at 7:45 pm

I did a ton of investigation on this product before deciding to buy it. I was totally anxious for this to show up. I have absolutely terrible signal at my house, and I love 40mins from work, and have to drive through a base and woods with very poor reception. I got constant drop calls and missed calls. When this arrived, I was amazed at actually how sturdy it was. It came with the cradle, and it’s not made out of some really cheap plastic, the usb cord plug-in and the adapter for the car. A really long antenna, which by the way you do not need to set on top of the car. It literally took me like a minute to set it up. I was blown away to watch my cell phone go from 1 bar to no freakin kidding, 5 bars!!!. Then I tested it on my drive to work, I did not drop a call one time. This thing is by far one of the best products that I bought that does actually does what it suppose to do. I am really happy that I spent the money on it. The only problem I have is, it’s not very easy to move around. If you want it in your car, you have to unplug it, wrap up the antenna, it gets to be a pain at times, and it makes your phone bulky, so you have to use a Bluetooth or speaker phone. OH it does come with a mount that you can place on your car as well. I’m telling for the price, you cannot beat this. I love it.

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