The Pincher is designed to take out explosives

by Mark R

I know what this looks like. You’re probably thinking that: “Oh no, it is a Star Wars/Terminator/Matrix/Battlestar Galactica/any other science fiction franchise robot that is designed to take out enemies. Are the humans its next target?”

Actually, from what I have been reading from my sources, this robot, also known as “Pincher” is designed to disable Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from a long distance. It apparently uses rockets the size of pencils to destroy the explosive charges, which will make them burn, not explode in a process known as “deflageration”.

I’m guess that it does this via remote control with a video camera and laser pointer. Then it uses “pyrophoric” rockets for its job.

In other words, this is not designed to be a weapon. Sure, I suppose that you could reprogram the thing so its pyrophoric pencil-sized rockets could be targeted at us fleshy mortals, but you can always use something technological to hurt someone. Heck, you can do that with a dang brick.

In a way, the Pincher is unique as it is designed to disable weapons, not shoot weapons. It is designed by Israeli roboticists, and I don’t have any word about when it would be used on the battlefield.


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