The iAngle simplies your gadget loving life

Some of the best of gadgets are the most simple ones you’ll find.  This one even has more than one function, but it does it so simply that it’s a breath of fresh air.  Plus it means you’ll have less clutter in your laptop bag and even your pockets.  Should you have an iPhone or iPod Touch this is the way to watch your movies and keep from having to hold your iPhone the whole time.

After you’ve finished watching your movie and want to move on, it has a completely separate function.  You know those earbuds that tend to stay tangled in your pockets, this will actually help you keep them a little more organized.  The absolute best part of the iAngle is actually the price though.  Being such a simple little plastic piece, it will only cost you $9.99.


1 thought on “The iAngle simplies your gadget loving life”

  1. Is everything nowadays have to have the letter “i” in front of it to make it hip and modern stylin? I have an iBrush to super clean my teeth and use iToothpaste which is better than regular toothpaste hahaha!

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