Anybots Avatar Robots

This is a prototype “Avatar robot” from a company called Anybots. It works just like the avatar program in Avatar, but instead of putting yourself inside a giant blue person, you put it in a robot.

Okay, the technology isn’t quite there yet, but you can access the avatar robot from the Internet, and this robot known as QB activates its 5-megapixel camera. From there, you can manipulate the “head” to about five or six feet up for a better view. Speaking of views, you will may note the screen on top. This was made to have a face shot of the controller.

You will note that it appears to be perfectly balanced on two wheels, a la Segway. I would imagine that it could probably be pushed over if you really want to. For example, if your boss decided to micro-manage you, and one of these QB robots was constantly hovering over your shoulder.

I suppose these robots could also be used for attending a meeting, provided the robot doesn’t distract the attendees.

Well, the QB will be available this fall from Anybots, and it will cost about $15,000. Yes, that is a lot of money, but just imagine how much that you would pay to be in two places at once?