Mickey Mouse Head discharges static

In the winter I’m notorious for getting shocked on any and all nearby metal objects as well as shocking most people I come in contact with.  I had no idea that it could build up so bad that you can actually visibly see the spark.  Thankfully there are static dischargers to save the chronically staticy from regularly receiving small shocks.

This Mickey Head is a very cute way to make your life a whole lot less shocking.  Plus you get to see it working.  When you touch it the light bulb flashes to show that it’s discharging the static electricity.  It’s attached to a keychain to make sure that you can keep it nearby you at all times.  To pick one up it’ll cost you $18 through Brando.

Source: CraziestGadgets

1 thought on “Mickey Mouse Head discharges static”

  1. Nice hahahaha! Pay $18 to give yourself small shocks daily lmfao! Really nice gadget… Not! Why don’t I just walk around with a chrome balls in my pants hahahahahaha!

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