Mini Cannon takes out beer mugs

This is one of those weapons you’d expect the bad guy in a movie to start laughing at, only to get his eye taken out by the surprisingly powerful miniature cannon.  Although if it were a movie, it would actually kill the person, whereas this cannon probably wouldn’t go quite that far.  The itty bitty brass cannon is fully functioning and can absolutely destroy a decent sized beer mug.

To work the cannon you just do the same as you would with a full-sized, everything is just a whole lot tinier.  It requires a very small amount of gun powder, steel balls and a fuse.  Thankfully you don’t just get a picture of the cannon, but you can watch a video of it shoot at various objects like a light bulb, an egg and a coke can.  It just doesn’t get much better than an adorably miniature cannon.

Source: Geekologie

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