IntensaFIRE rapid-fire device now arrives on the PS3


Do you have a great love for gaming, that you would do everything in your power (and budget) to make sure that you are able to come up with the best performance possible at all times? For folks who have the dough to spare, it doesn’t really matter since all the latest hardware releases can be purchased off the shelf without batting an eyelid, but if you are a gamer who is on a rather tight budget, preferring to max out your gaming skills with whatever hardware that you have at the moment, then you might want to check out the IntensaFIRE rapid-fire device for the PS3 (it is already available for the Xbox 360) wireless controller. Good thing this after market gaming controller upgrade kit does not require any form of rocket science for you to figure it out – in fact, it is pretty accessible and easy to fix that if you already know how to use a screwdriver, you’ve more or less completed half the journey.

According to Coy Christmas, President of BGRMods, “We saw a need in the gaming market which inspired the creation of the IntensaFIRE for Xbox and we are excited to bring the same level of gaming to PS3 users. Console and accessory personalization is a large part of the gaming world. The problem was that gamers buy kits for their controllers only to find out they were too complex to assemble themselves. So we had our engineering team to create an engineering marvel, and get a product to the gamers that eliminates the technical curve. The PlayStation 3 version of the IntensaFIRE is even easier to install. It just clicks into place. No glue. No solder.”

No glue and soldering involved? Sounds like our cup of tea, as this 9/16″x 9/16″ product is ready to be introduced to the market at $69.95 a pop, whereas its rivals in the market is going for a considerably higher sum at $199 apiece. The IntensaFIRE will modify the PlayStation 3 dual shock 3 wireless controller by turning it into a rapid fire controller. Strange how previous controllers of yore came with a turbo button as default, but how things have changed since then! Among the benefits of this include Rapid-fire R1, R2, L1 and the “X” button, along with dual-rapid fire and 8-mode sleeper. It will play nice with all PS3 controllers, where it is a snap to install while featuring a 3-customizable user programmer mode.

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