Verizon Wireless announces LG Ally


Watched Iron Man 2 already? Well, you would probably have seen LG made an appearance early in the movie when Tony was facing off with Senator Stern, where he hijacked the rest of the video transmission system using his touchscreen, translucent LG handset from the future. Well, many of us won’t mind toting one of those, but too bad it is just a concept at this point in time – perhaps in a decade, we could see an equivalent hit the market. After all, we’re pretty sure that many of us were amazed at the multi-touch interface seen in Minority Report a few years back, and it is nice to know that technology has caught on recently, with a plethora of devices going the multi-touch way. Back to the topic at hand, the LG Ally will arrive at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores from May 20th onwards, making it the first Android device from LG in the US. For those who can’t wait, pre-orders can be placed from today onwards.

What can you expect from the LG Ally when it arrives next week? For starters, how about a stunning ergonomic silver-and-black outer case that holds a large 3.2″ tempered glass touch screen display with touch vibration for tactile feedback? Apart from that, you might be more comfortable churning out that long awaited document by the boss while you’re on-the-go thanks to the full slide-out QWERTY keyboard that will work in tandem with touch screen capabilities at the same time. Need more storage space? Not a problem, since the microSD memory card slot can cater up to another 16GB of memory. Apart from that, you can also stay connected to the Internet thanks to its Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) connectivity, while Bluetooth 2.1 capability lets you play nice with a bunch of devices and functions without missing a beat. You can also use the LG Ally as an MP3 player, while enjoying speaker-independent voice commands when the situation calls for it.

Apart from that, you can also access the Android Market and access up to 38,000 apps, while its luminous sensor was specially designed to adjust LCD backlight brightness depending on light conditions, helping you save battery power in the process. A proximity sensor will make sure the touch screen remains locked if it hasn’t done so already while talking on the phone, and A-GPS support will enhance location accuracy in addition to turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps. You can snap 3.2-megapixel photos with the Ally or shoot videos with it. Expect the LG Ally to retail for $99.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and agreeing to a 2-year contract.

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