Suction Foot is very multifunctional

Truthfully I thought this was the greatest thing ever discovered purely for the female aspect of shaving legs.  As it turns out it’s also sold for other…activities that one might perform in the shower, you know for those times when you have company.  The funny part about it is that it’s sold for double the price when it’s sold with the intention of being used for extra curricular activities.

Should you need this for shaving your legs it would make it easier to shave in showers that lack a ledge to prop your foot on.  I suppose the same could be an issue for the other activity you might perform.  At least you can legitimately say it’s for shaving your legs, even if it is used for more.  In addition to shaving your legs, you can use it to prop up your foot and make it easier to scrub the underside of your feet.  You can purchase these for $9.99 through Taylor Gifts.

Source: CraziestGadgets