Personal Television And Theater Amplifier

Hmmm, it looks as though you might want to pump up the volume level in your apartment when you’re watching your favorite action movie, simply because you can’t afford to go to a cinema repeatedly to enjoy blockbusters, unless you’re filthy rich. Well, for those at home who can’t afford a home theater system and are looking for something even cheaper, there is still hope – just don’t let your friends and family know unless you don’t mind being sneered at. The Personal Television And Theater Amplifier supposedly amplifies sound from a TV, radio or theater by up to 50 decibels, coming in the form of a wireless rechargeable earpiece. It features a directional microphone that amplifies high- and low-frequency sounds to produce rich, easy-to-hear tones – hopefully this means you can hear your wife clearer whenever she nags you to get around the house chores. Its lithium-ion battery supposedly powers the earpiece operates for up to 18 hours after a four-hour charge. Hammacher is carrying the Personal Television And Theater Amplifier for $29.95.

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