Eton Scorpion keeps gadgets powered

This would probably best be suited for the great outdoorsman type, but it would also work great for an emergency kit as well.  It manages to get power in an eco-friendly way, which means it’d be great to have around while the power has gone out in your home.  Plus in addition to that it has a couple of other life-saving add-ons like a bottle opener.  Hey, in an emergency beer is very important.

It also has an AM/FM tuner, NOAA weather band radio and then finally a flashlight.  In order to get power to your gadgets it has a crank lever and a solar panel.  It also has an AC adapter for those times when you want to charge it before heading out for camping.  Then in order to charge your gadgets it has a USB port.  The best part is that it’s built rugged and is splash resistant.  This is just now available as of this month.  To pick one up it’ll cost you $50 through Eton.

Source: SlipperyBrick