Desktop Donut Factory is Homer Simpson’s Dream Come True

by Mark R

Homer Simpson is a hard working man. At the plant, he is always at that one station, doing…something.

But occasionally, it takes its toll. Instead of walking out to the breakroom for the donuts that Mr. Burns provides, I’m sure Homer would love to have the Desktop Donut Factory on his desk so he could make and eat donuts at his convenience.

For those who have Homer’s fetish can enjoy this real product from ThinkGeek. It is designed to bake a half-dozen donuts in about 4 minutes.

It comes with a recipe book, and it is compatible with any store-bought doughnut mix. It is safe to use, and has an easy-to-clean non-stick surface.

By the way, the company says that these donuts are “healthier”. However, this is because they are baked, as a opposed to being deep-fried. They warn though that it isn’t healthy to indulge in this “too much of a good thing”.

This device just sounds like it would be in a fat TV cop’s car, doesn’t it? You know, like Chief Wiggum, or something. Then again, I’ve already used The Simpsons as an illustration for this product. But we all know that TV cops just go for donuts. Maybe they could just get a car adapter and have their donuts on the go.

You should be able to get the Mini Donut Factory at the ThinkGeek website for just $19.99.


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moogie Says: May 14, 2010 at 4:19 am

I saw this yesterday (back when it was cool), and can now safely report that neither QFC nor Safeway have this magical “any store-bought doughnut mix.”

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