Boeing’s Phantom Ray Unmanned Aircraft

by Mark R

If you are thinking that this is a stealth fighter, then you would be right.

I mean, it has the traditional Flying Wing shape of stealth fighters like the B-2, only it is white, and not black. What makes this one even more different is that a pilot is completely optional. In fact, there wouldn’t be much room in there for a pilot anyway as this aircraft is only 36 feet long. (I realize that the photo makes it look bigger.)

This is the Phantom Ray, an unmanned airborne system (UAS) by the Boeing company. The engine is hidden way in its fuselage, which makes it difficult to detect, even from infrared devices.

According to the Boeing CEO of Defense, Space and Security, the Phantom Ray will be used for “intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; suppression of enemy air defenses; electronic attack and autonomous aerial refueling — the possibilities are nearly endless.”

The projected top speed is going to be about 614 mph, and I suppose that not having a pilot would not dissuade the builders to get the speed of the Phantom Ray faster than that. The automated system also makes it possible to do maneuvers that would pulp the best of test pilots.

My source doesn’t have any time where this would be completed, and I would have to say that I’m glad that I don’t see any weapons on this guy…yet.


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