Henri Bendel Crystal and Diamond Earbuds

by Ally

It would be difficult to not have come across the several crystal covered gadgets that are available.  Well if you’re just not into using something so fake like crystals, now you can pick up a set covered in diamonds.  You get all that wonderful shiny goodness at well over the price of their crystal look-alikes.  Sure it doesn’t upgrade the quality of sound at all, but it’s pretty.

Actually you can get this set in crystal too at $90 a pair, which is much less than the diamond versions.  Those will range from $4,500 on up to $60,000 a pair.  For those of you that aren’t all about white diamonds and bright silver, there’s also a set of pink crystals and yellow ones as well.  You can find these shiny earbuds through Henri Bendel.

Source: BookofJoe

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