Bigfoot Networks offers new Killer 2100 network card

Gamers want to squeeze out every single advantage that they can get when it comes to gaming, and it is no surprise to see that they will go to extreme lengths in achieving this, among them working on a high performance rig with the latest and greatest hardware within. Of course, many of them will soon realize that it is not for the want of hardware that has limited their performance when playing with other people, but more of the lack of inherent gaming skills which results in such a situation. Well, for folks who still believe that their performance in the gaming arena is not where it should be because of hardware issues, have you checked out Bigfoot Networks’ latest Killer 2100 high performance gaming network card?

This next-generation network interface card (NIC) is perfect for online gaming, or so it is marketed that way. Killer 2100 will combine elements of speed, intelligence and control that are always demanded by gamers with major throughput and latency enhancements alongside an innovative and easy-to-use software interface. Killer 2100 more or less is the epitome of speed and maximum performance as holds the title of being the fastest Gigabit NIC on the planet for gamers. You will find groundbreaking Game Networking DNA technology right smack in the middle of the card, where it is comprised of a dedicated network processor (NPU), Advanced Game Detect, Windows stack bypass, Visual Bandwidth Control and other optimisations which were specially designed to deliver the best online gaming experience possible. Game Networking DNA is capable of accelerating latency-sensitive game traffic while reducing stuttering, freezing and other symptoms of lag, giving online gamers a competitive edge.

This plug-and-play card ought to offer some semblance of improvement in the machine’s performance to gamer of all skill levels, but then again it is a double edged sword. Assuming you lack the natural killer instinct, then it will all the more expose your inadequacies to your opponents with newfound speed and smoothness experienced in games thanks to this network card. Expect the Killer 2100 to arrive in stores worldwide where it retails for GBP86.

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