AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger


With a whole lot of other computing equipment taking the wireless route, how about your phone charger? Well, ThinkGeek is offering the AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger which is going for $49.99 each, where all you need to do is slide your handset into the included receiver case, place it on the power tray and you’re good to go. It is as efficient as your standard charger, although it will definitely lose out to those quick chargers. Another good thing about the AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger is it will power off automatically once your handset is completely juiced up, boasting an additional USB power port just in case you want to make sure your Nintendo DS is ready for the long road trip.

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Atle Says: August 4, 2010 at 2:26 pm

This one is actually quite “cool”, but there is one small thing that I just can’t understand after seeing it on Does it only work with iPhones, or can I use it with any phone?

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