Speech Bubble helmets is a true Cone of Silence

I’m not the kind who hangs in overcrowded bars, but that is because I don’t like all the noise. It isn’t like the movies where characters can carry on a distinct conversation. Not with all the music and other people’s conversations around, no way.

If you want to break through the great wall of white noise, then I suppose you could use these Speech Bubbles.

Designed by Edinburgh product design student Elaine McLuskey, these are two joined spheres that two people can wear to achieve some degree of quiet privacy in the midst of a loud public place.

You know what they remind me of? The “Cone of Silence” from Get Smart. In the original TV show, they were plastic domes that caused the characters to yell at the top of their lungs and never be able to hear each other. The Steve Carrell movie version updated the Cone of Silence with a force field, and it was still the same gag.

These speech bubbles look about as silly as that Get Smart gag of both generations, but if there were a lot of them, I can see them being practical. After all, just imagine the level of intimacy you will have if you can actually get someone to talk with you in a speech bubble.

Perhaps loud public meeting places will one day have special speech bubble privated areas. No, that sounds like some sort of sixties science fiction set decor, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Speech Bubble helmets is a true Cone of Silence”

  1. No no no no, this is the worst idea ever. It will encourage people to be less sociable and more insular in public, which is a big enough problem already thanks to social networking and whatnot. Public meeting places are supposed to be noisy, if you want a private meeting go to your own home or a myriad of other locations where you can talk privately. What an awful awful awful idea.

  2. I never go out to parties without first
    donning my Bobba Fett helmet – it almost
    guarantees some personal space,
    and the noise outside always drops by a few db
    when I arrive anyway.
    Even better, I don’t get those mindless
    conversations about those silly game shows.
    Try it – it works!
    (for even more personal control,
    bring a taser along as well,
    people tend to back off quickly when
    you brandish a fully-charged taser at a party.

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