Moshi unveils mini DP to HDMI adapter

The most recent refresh of the MacBook Pros from Apple now come with video and audio output support via their mini DisplayPort (mini DP), and Moshi is quick to react to the situation by being one of the first few companies to roll out a mini DP to HDMI adapter that supports both audio and video using a solitary cable. With the help of their adapter, you are able to output both video and audio from your MacBook Pro over to a HDTV or alternative display via HDMI. It comes with a stylish aluminum casing that is not only meant to be there for cosmetic purposes, since it also helps reduce EM interference. While it will hit Apple stores throughout the US from the end of next week onwards, those who want to try other channels can check out Moshi’s own online store. The Moshi mini DP to HDMI adapter retails for $35 each.