Iron Man 2 USB Drive

Now that Iron Man 2 has hit the theaters and most people have had a chance to swing by and watch it, if you liked it you might want a little gear to go with it.  Thankfully Tyme Machine has a small but useable item to show off your love for the new movie.  Normally he looks like just a cute miniature of Iron Man 2, but if you pop off his head it’ll reveal a USB drive stored within.

The drive is a fully sculpted  3D drive that comes in several different sizes.  Those being 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.  Sadly they don’t say if he lights up at all when he’s actually plugged into a USB port.  To get your own 4GB it costs $34.99, for the 8GB it’s $44.99 and the 16GB is $59.99.  If you intend to use it for music the site lets you know exactly how many hours of music you’ll get with each individual drive.

Source: CrunchGear

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  1. Purchased a flash drive from, it doesn’t work on any of the computers I’ve tried it on( XP, Windows 7, Linux). I emailed them on 12-16-09, 1-2-10, and 1-6-10. No reply on any of the emails, not even an automatic no reply email. Their policy states that they will cover a “bum” drive. They don’t.

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