Takoyaki Adaptor makes charging pretty

by Ally

Most of us have resigned ourselves to just using those tan or white powerstrips to keep all of our gadgets up and running.  Sure, they’re by no means attractive, but they do the job well enough that we cope with the plain looks.  Thankfully, at least designers are still putting out an effort to come up with new and interesting ways to keep things powered.  Not only does this plug look pretty, but it offers an extra twist that makes the gadget more convenient.

When you plug in a device, a ring around the socket will instantly light up with a pretty blue light.  If you pop off one of the balls it can be converted to charge your cellphone wirelessly.  You just lay your dead cellphone on the right spot and it’ll come back to life again.  Sadly the Takoyaki Adaptor is currently a concept design and nothing more.

Source: TechFresh

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