Pool Luminary dives and floats

by Ally

There are a whole lot of gadgets that can be used to make a miniature light show inside of your bath tub.  That’s great for anyone who takes baths instead of showers on a very regular basis, but it still makes it so the light show isn’t enjoyed by many.  Instead you should get something for your pool and then all of your guests can enjoy the colorful display of lights.

The fun thing about this light is that it doesn’t just float and create the lights in one small area.  You can set it to dive down into the depths of the water and then float all the way back up again.  If you don’t want it bobbing up and down, you can also just set it to float.  Then you can also choose between rapid or slow flashing lights.  Each one measures 7 inches tall and if you buy 3 or more they become slightly cheaper.  For one it’s $29.95 and for 3 they become $27.95 a piece through Solutions.

Source: TechFresh

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