Kickster Goal Pro 2000

With the World Cup in South Africa just looming over the horizon, it makes perfect sense to have a little practice at home if you are thinking of emulating your heroes, don’t you think? The Kickster Goal Pro 2000 that retails for £39.99 sounds like the perfect thing to have, being the most convenient portable football goal on the market at point of publishing. Despite being lightweight, it is also durable, fitting nicely in just 2 minutes thanks to its numerous Velcro ties and other fasteners. Both kids and grown ups can have a go at it, letting you play on just about any pitch.

2 thoughts on “Kickster Goal Pro 2000”

  1. Any gadget that promotes physical exercise is good in my book. I approve this gadget! This world needs to get more fit and stop being so lazy and we wonder we so many people dying of Cancer, heart-attacks, diabetes… Oh gee, I don’t know, we only stare at the television 12 hours a day and eat fast greasy foods daily and go to get a medical checkup once a decade lmao! I have no clue why there are so many obese and sick people huh?

  2. This product is very useful. Me and my kids can now play anywhere. It can be easily set up in the park, the garage or a field. What’s more interesting is that this product is as easy to set up and store away!. It is a bit expensive but the cost is sure worth it. This is the best thing that has happened in the world of sports. Now, my kids can play and practice football anytime, anywhere. I’m really happy with this product.

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