Coffee Cup Sphere Lamp

If you’re a coffee addict, then you’ve gone through your fair shar of disposable coffee cups.  Now instead of trashing them constantly and contributing to the local dump’s size, you can use those cups to add a little bit of lighting in your home.  Then after the project is finished you’ll have a very modern looking disco ball.  To get one you’ll just have to follow the Instructables tutorial and make your own.

They suggest using the plain cheap coffee cups that you see most often in order to construct the light.  You’ll actually need a grand total of 300 of the cups.  Technically the creator caved and just bought the cups, but recycling would work just as well.  You”ll also need a stapler, electric wire with socket, energy efficient lamp, pinbolds, big washer, small washer, a heatsource and a sharp metal pen.  All together none of that should cost you a whole lot of money.

Source: Instructables

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  1. Nice eco-idea but it’s cheaper just buying a disco ball. Unless you know basic electronics which most people do not, don’t even bother with this idea lmao!

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