Berkline Chairs hide your laptop

by Ally

Apparently a furniture company has been spying on my house, because I tend to hide my MacBook in the back of my couch.  Trust me, it doesn’t cause any harm to it like it may sound.  Well I guess I’m not the only one that believes their comfy furniture should have storage for your portable gadgets.  Even better, this offers a much better charging solution than running a laptop cord underneath your couch.

This Berkline chair  has a nice storage area for your laptop and any other small items you don’t want sitting out.  Then it can charge your gadgets without all of those extra cables lying around.  While you’re using your laptop if you get tired of the heat on your lap, you can put it on the small table.  With this you’ll have all you’ll need to comfortably work on your laptop.  You can pick one up for $649.

Source: Newlaunches

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hukiworld Says: May 7, 2010 at 1:08 am

Wow! It ONLY took 5 decades for someone to come up with this idea?

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