YourPebbles are extremely multifunctional

by Ally

These strange little pebbles resemble those cheap plastic coin containers that get sold within tourist traps, but these have a great deal more uses.  When these are flipped over you can store all kinds of small things within them.  Anything from change to flash drives to paperclips.  Plus once they’re all stacked together they can hold your phone or MP3 player in place.  Don’t worry the heat from your smart phone or any other gadget won’t cause any problems either.

These YourPebbles are made of platinum silicon and are heat-resistant.  When your laptop is getting a little too hot, you can slip one of these under the edges of your laptop to give the bottom a little airflow.  They even show one being used as a wrist rest for while you’re using the mouse.  These come in all sorts of bright colors.  Right now these are only available in Korea, but hopefully at some point they’ll be available elsewhere.

Source: Gizmodiva

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