Leaf Tie gives cable management a green look

by Ally

If you prefer cheap cable management, it tends to involve anything you happen to have around.  That usually includes things like twist ties and zip ties, both of which work pretty well.  Sure, they aren’t the most attractive thing, but they’re easy to use and hold the cords pretty firmly.  Well now you can combine looks with that easy use quality.  These zip ties actually have cute little leaves to decorate your chords.

It gives all of your cords the look of being one giant vine.  This way you don’t have to hide them quite as much.  You could always use these leaves for other things throughout your house and make everything look a bit plant-like.  These leaves come in 2 different greens, black, white, blue and red.  The packages have 12 ties in each box.  These leaves are posted in the store section of the designer site, but you’ll have to contact them to find out availability and pricing.

Source: Yanko

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schlimmerfinger Says: December 8, 2010 at 10:01 am

Now you can buy them from europe on:

They already won the DFA Silver Award!

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