Wii PowerV Quad Charger And Dock

When you prefer to game with your friends, it becomes difficult to keep your controllers up and going.  It also means that you usually have all of them dead at once.  Instead of swapping out controllers and charging only a couple at a time you could pick up this Wii PowerV Quad Inductive Charging and Storage Dock for 4 controllers.  Plus as an added bonus this is compatible with silicone covers and the Wii Motion Plus.

This dock will match your bright white Wii well, especially since it was meant to look more like a sculpture than a random charger.  It can wirelessly charge and store up to 4 of your controllers at the same time.  Plus of course it won’t allow any over-charging that would damage the controllers.  The Quad also comes with 2 rechargeable battery packs.  You can purchase one for $49.99 from Amazon.

Source:  Crunchgear