iRock iPod and iPhone Dock

We all know of the days when owning a pet rock was actually cool.  Not so shockingly it was in the 70’s when weed was also popular.  That’s not what I’d call a coincidence.  Well for those of you that miss your pet rock, but you’re now a respectable adult you should pick yourself up an iRock.  You can talk to it just like your old rock, but it actually has a function.

Just pop your iPod or iPhone into the dock and it can be charged or synced up to your computer with the included USB cable.  The dock is made out of a rock with Eastern Red Cedar Wood in the middle.  These are created by an individual and sold through Etsy.  Which means that these will come out in very limited quantities.  You can pick up yours for $70, which is a bit steep for a rock.  At least it’s an electronic rock though.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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  1. I never had a pet rock because the whole idea was silly. Rocks do nothing literally. Now an egg has many possibilities and even has the potential to be a chick lmao! Who doesn’t love a cute chick lmao!

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