Veinticuatrodientes Post My Pillow

Veinticuatrodientes’ latest offering would be the Post My Pillow cushion that lets you write as well as erase messages on the pillow itself – pretty neat if you want to introduce a much more personalized theme to your living room and perhaps even bedroom. In order to erase all that you’ve written or drawn, just pass the case through a wash cycle and you’re ready to start anew. Do you think something like this will catch on, or will it be nothing but a passing fad?

4 thoughts on “Veinticuatrodientes Post My Pillow”

  1. Oh yeah, this will catch on like paper-clips up your a**! You can’t wash off ink you dumba**! You think these pillow cases will erase easily after being written on? Seriously, you have to be a complete idiot to believe that unless the case is made of plastic which would make the whole pillow very uncomfortable to use at all. This product won’t even sell a dozen orders.

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