Elements Water Powered Clock

by Ally

Although your clock is an extremely small gadget, it’s still pulling power.  No gadget is too small to be switched over to some other sort of eco-friendly power.  This one actually pulls its power from water, which makes it possible to use it in rooms that wouldn’t get enough light to utilize solar power.  Of course if you’re not very good at remembering to water plants, then maybe a water-powered clock isn’t the best idea.

Unfortunately it doesn’t exactly fill itself up with water.  Every 1 and a half weeks you’ll have to fill up those little tubes with water again.  That’s actually not too shabby, it’s just remembering that’s the trick.  It has both a time and date function and no alarm functions on it.  It’s a pretty basic little clock.  It would actually be a fantastic gift for anyone that’s just flat our fascinated by renewable energy, no matter what their age.  It’s a great way to get to see that work up close, even if it is at such a small scale.  You can purchase the Leeds Element Water Powered Clock for $20 through Amazon.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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