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So you think that having mastered over a few dozen tricks, your pooch is the smartest one on the block? Well, why not put your for legged friend’s brain to the test with the Interactive Intelligence Games for Dogs? This unique purchase which retails anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99 (depending on the set you get of course) are all different, and yet fun enough to keep your pooch mentally stimulated instead of just lying down in the corner all day long. Treats can be hidden in the compartments, and your dog will have to figure out exactly how to remove those treats. Sounds like a brainier version of Kong toys that require a really long tongue to get those treats out! Of course, it does make us wonder whether frustration by your dog due to its inability to solve the puzzle might just cause him/her to chew up the toy instead. You can choose from Spinny (easy), Tornado (difficult) and Twister (most difficult) models.

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Amanda Says: March 10, 2011 at 11:18 am

I recently purchased the Tornado for my 3month old chocolate lab and he LOVES it. Before giving him the toy, I tried to pull the layers apart, and dropped the puzzle onto the hard kitchen floor and the concrete garage floor few times to see what happened. The toy held up. I’ve watched him TRY to gnaw on one of the levels, and it was too awkward shaped and seemed to just slide right back out of his jaw. It only took about 10 seconds for my dog to figure the toy out, but he’ll play with it multiple times a day regardless. Since the toy I bought was already in the difficult range, I’m going to move up to the hardest toy they have. Thats not to say the toy is easy to figure out, but my dog was already trained to scent track so for most dogs, the tornado toy would still be a challenge. I’m definitely not disappointed in the quality, durability, and the fun my dog has had with this toy!

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