Dream Machine Offers Under Bed Storage

People have been hiding things under their bed for ages.  I just can’t really say it’s ever occurred to me to stash a big flat screen TV under my bed.  Apparently one gadet creator has a slight thing for stashing things under the covers, because they decided to create a mechanism that will hide your TV and then bring it out again with just the touch of a little button.

You’d have to make sure that you have a whole lot of clearance space for your TV to move from underneath to up where you can see it.  When it shows up on your doorstep it comes pre-assembled and doesn’t even require for you to modify your bed frame at all.  It can handle a screen that weighs up to 120lbs, which means you can have a pretty serious TV.  Sadly though it can cost you up to $22,999.

Source: BornRich

1 thought on “Dream Machine Offers Under Bed Storage”

  1. Would you really want a bed that did this? We are talking about a device that will move your EXPENSIVE flat screen up and down and if something goes wrong in the mechanism, there goes the television. If this cost $1000, I would not buy it- it’s just corny.

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