Mypressi Handheld Espresso Machine


Fancy having your very own Espresso Machine, and a handheld one at that? The Mypressi Handheld Espresso Machine seems to be the perfect tool, since it works just about anywhere you bring it with you. This portable espresso dispenser relies on canisters of compressed N20 instead of hand pumps to give you a half-dozen or more strong pulls at an even 9-bar (135psi) throughout the duration of your brewing period, resulting in a hot, flavorful cuppa with a mild bitterness and strong crema. All you need to do is insert one of the NO2 chargers into the handle, spoon your choice of ground espresso into the chamber, fill up the reservoir with really hot water and pull the trigger after sealing it – resulting in an excellent hot brew of italian-style coffee shortly after. Looks like those who love pulling all nighters could make do with one of these puppies…

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hukiworld Says: April 25, 2010 at 8:57 am

Looks egg-shape… I want one since I work graveyard shift.

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